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Sistema Rinnovabili (formerly SR Investimenti) announces the signing of a 10-year Corporate PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with Altair Chimica. Through it, the energy produced by Sistema Rinnvabili’s photovoltaic park in Arlena di Castro, in the province of Viterbo, will be sold to Altair Chimica, part of ESSECO GROUP, a leading Italian industrial group that offers products and services for the inorganic chemistry and oenology industry.

The ten-year agreement stipulates that the energy produced by Sistema Rinnovabili will be sold and marketed to Altair Chimica by Axpo Italia.

The international geopolitical scenario is pushing towards a further acceleration of projects dedicated to renewable energy sources in Italy to facilitate the energy transition and increase energy supply autonomy. An urgent need to which renewables will make a significant contribution, providing economic and environmental benefits for citizens and business.

The Corporate PPA agreement, with Sistema Rinnovabili as a producer from renewable sources, is a fundamental tool for the development of new plants and is essential for achieving the goals of decarbonisation and energy independence.

The agreement – one of the first in Italy and particularly innovative in terms of characteristics and duration – while on the one hand guarantees the investor the stability of the cash flows and the financing of the photovoltaic park, on the other hand it allows the active participation of the consumer, who will receive from Axpo Italia a supply of around 43,800 MWh per year of clean energy, starting from 1 July 2023, according to the electricity production profile actually fed into the grid by the solar plant being built.

Specifically, the energy will be produced by the photovoltaic plant being built by Agro Solar I S.r.l., part of the Sistema Rinnovabili group, a renewable utility engaged in the development of large-scale photovoltaic plants and the purchase and management of operational plants. Axpo Italia S.p.A. will take delivery of the renewable energy produced and the recognised guarantees of origin, supplying electricity to Altair Chimica S.p.A. at a guaranteed fixed price for the entire period of the PPA and managing all services related to operations and balancing.

Altair Chimica SpA, an Esseco Group company specialising in the production of inorganic potassium derivatives, thus takes a fundamental step towards reaching its goals of economic and environmental sustainability.

“Italy can take a leading role in the energy transition thanks to renewable sources, which are a widespread resource that can be brought to fruition throughout the territory,” says Antonio Urbano, President of Sistema Rinnovabili. “The partnership with Axpo Italia and Altair Chimica SpA confirms the attractiveness of plants dedicated to the production of clean energy to accelerate the expansion of the green economy. We have over 500MW of photovoltaic plants under development and we intend to put them at the service of the Italian production system to improve the environmental and economic sustainability of our country.”