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Pioneer co-founded PeakGen in 2010 to develop, build, own and operate small and flexible power plants in the UK underpinned by long term contracts.

PeakGen serves the increasing need for a new type of generation in the UK that both replaces ageing plants and covers the intermittency of renewables. PeakGen now has over 300MW of such plants that are either operational or in construction. PeakGen is committed to the environment and is a carbon neutral company, mitigating any carbon emissions generated by creating new woodland in the UK through the Woodland Trust.

Having co-founded the business in 2010, Pioneer has played a very active role in PeakGen across a variety of areas such as business strategy, recruitment, site development, acquisitions and financing. PeakGen has been a very successful investment and Pioneer will stay close to the business in the future.

Pioneer sold its stake in PeakGen to its family office partner, Dione.