On Monday the 20th of May Nature Energy with the Danish Secretary of Development and Cooperation, Ulla Tørnæs, inaugurated the world’s largest biogas plant in Korskro near Esbjerg, Denmark

Fully developed, the plant will be capable of converting 1 million tons of food waste and crop residue from agriculture annually and produce up to c.27 million m3 green biogas to the European natural gas grid. This will make the plant the biggest in the world in terms of large-scale plants measured in treatment capacity and production according to EBR Energy Business Review.

The plant is also the only large-scale biogas plant worldwide with CO2-capture technology onsite. The excess CO2 from the biogas plant is being purified, condensed and exported, and could provide approximately 25% of the entire Danish CO2 consumption. The CO2-capture plant in Korskro will not only increase security of supply, but will also contribute to the circular economy and a more sustainable future whilst ensuring that the biogas plant is CO2 negative.

Korskro is considered the most densely populated domestic animal region in Denmark and around 100 local farmers supply the plant. Roughly 85% of the biomass treated in Korskro will consist of domestic animal fertiliser, i.e. manure and deep litter from cattle, pig and mink among others. The remaining biomass will come from food waste, organic waste from industries and retail as well as crop silage.

A feature from Danish TV Syd on the inauguration can be found here: