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Brockwell Energy are pleased to announce the sale of Dalquhandy Wind Farm Limited to BayWa r.e., a global renewable energy developer, service provider and distributor.

The Dalquhandy wind scheme is a 45MW project located next to Coalburn in South Lanarkshire that will deliver enough power for 34,000 homes.

The sale follows an extensive re-design of the project to increase tip-heights to allow it to be deliverable subsidy free. The sale to BayWa r.e. reflects the development of a quality onshore wind project that will bring the abandoned former Dalquhandy coal mine site back into active use. The project creates the opportunity for significant local community benefit over the next 25 years as well as improving site access and amenity.

Brockwell remains committed to the development of onshore wind capacity and the sale will enable the Company to enhance its project development and site finding activity.

Alex Lambie, CEO, commented, “The successful development and sale of Dalquhandy validates the quality of our project development capabilities and the ongoing potential for onshore wind to contribute to the move toward a “net zero” economy. We remain excited by the potential for our other onshore wind projects, including the Broken Cross and North Kyle to achieve similar success. Brockwell was originally established as a vehicle to use energy project development to revitalise and regenerate former mining sites. The Dalquhandy projects is a prime example of this and we are delighted and proud to have played a role in its development and delivery.”